Best Realistic Pocket Pussy

It’s not often that a girl is asked to have her pussy modelled for a male sex toy within a year or so of making her porn debut.  But that’s what happened to 19 year old porn starlet Riley Steele.  Fleshlight just knew that her cute little pussy was ripe to be immortalized for the pleasure of millions of masturbation happy pocket pussy fans.  Already this little beauty has become one of the most popular of the Fleshlight Girl range.  The Riley Steele Fleshlight feels incredibly realistic with the Lotus masturbatin sleeve inside – specifically designed to capture the tight love canal of a ripe teenager like Riley.

Riley Steele FleshlightFleshlight make the most realistic pocket pussy toys in the world.  Their designers have intimately studied the contours and anatomy of the female vagina.  When applied to the pussy of a beautiful young pornstar like Riley, jerking off with one of these things is the closest you can get to fucking the girl herself.

Click to view the Riley Steele Realistic Pocket Pussy Fleshlight

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Magic Eyes Pocket Stroker

magic-eyesMagic Eyes Pocket Stroker ($99)

This is certainly one of the most realistic pocket strokers in the world.  Instead of a tight pussy to fuck, you have a tight mouth to pound – complete with amazingly realistic lips, tongue, and even teeth!! Replicates realistically the sensation of having your penis sucked.

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Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Ultimate

double-strokerLovehoney Reversible Stroker ($14)

An amazing value for money pocket pussy that is effectively two for the price (and size) of one.  A reversible sleeve that has a completely different texture on each side.  Easy to clean and carry around, this is a perfect pussy to take with you for some versatile fapping on your travels.

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Fleshlight Jesse Jane Lotus

jesseFleshlight Jesse Jane ($108)

The latest in the incredibly realistic Fleshlight Girls, this pocket pussy is moulded directly from the sweet love tunnel of adult superstar Jesse Jane.

Only a few lucky boyfriends and porn actors have been inside the tight hole of Jesse up till now, but with this amazingly life-like replica pussy you can effectively pound her anytime and anyplace you want.

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Ultrazone Realistic Pussy

ultrazone-pomgirlsUltrazone Realistic Pussy ($78)

This is a luxury pocket pussy that is just as realistic, and feels even better, than the real thing!  Some of the amazing features of this toy include a self-heating feature – comes with a heating rod, as well as in insertable bullet vibrator.  This Ultrazone Pussy is even waterproof for shower fun!

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Meiki Maria Ozawa Pocket Pussy

Meiki Maria Ozawa Pocket Pussy ($87)

maria ozawa

Get inside one of the most popular Japanese porn stars of today with this unique pocket pussy modelled on her delicous love hole.  It even comes with optional ‘love juices’ lotion reverse engineered from her actual cum juice!  The inner sleeve is made up of a winding canal filled with nubs and channels.

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Flight – The New Fleshlight

Flight from Fleshlight ($60)


The best pocket pussy in the world just got better.   The Flight is the new and refined version of the Fleshlight – the most famous masturbator for men ever made.

Stylish and aerodynamic, the Flight has a tremendously complex and textured interior masturbation sleeve, with the bonus being that its soft transparent material means you can actually see it from the outside.

The Flight is already winning rave reviews from customers around the world and definately seems to be the next evolution in artificial pussy toys for men.

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Vaginal Sleeve Pocket Pussy

vaginal sleeveVaginal Sleeve ($10)

Another one of the better cheap pocket pussy toys, the Vaginal Sleeve is highly ribbed and made from ‘super stretchy’ material.  Its makers claim that this allows it to accomodate any size of manhood.

As with most cheap pocket pussy toys, don’t expect it to last as long as a Fleshlight or similar.

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Better Than Real Skin Pocket Pussy

jessica pussyBetter Than Real Skin Pussy ($20)

Five inches of insertable ribbed length make this one of the best cheap pocket pussy toys on the market.

Made from incredibly realistic ‘better than real skin’ material, this is a crazily good buy for just $20.

The inner masturbation sleeve is stretchy and accomodating, and is covered with a variety of delicious nubs and ridges.

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Mangasm Pocket Pussy Toys

pussy toysMangasm Pussy Toys

There is an amazing new range of pocket pussy toys on the market – the Mangasm range!  Mangasm are already famous for their prostate toys for men, and now they bring the same quality meets affordability to pocket pussies for men.

There is a mangasm pocket pussy for every taste and pocket.  From the Mangasm Quickie to the ultra-realistic life-sized vagina ‘the Mangasm DSRV’.

All the Mangasm pussy toys have their own unique ribbed inner masturbation sleeves, and each provides an experience that even jaded sex toy users will be thrilled by.  Take a closer look and decide which Mangasm pocket pussy is right for you.

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Best Tenga Flip – Tenga Flip Air Black

tenga flip air blackTenga Flip Air Black ($103)

The thing about the original Tenga Flip Holes was that they were large and rather heavy masturbators that were difficult to carry around.  The new Tenga Flip Airs aren’t small enough to fit in your pocket, but they are a lot more portable.  They also manage to retain or even improve upon the famously textured inner sleeve of the Flip Holes.  Like those Tenga masturbators, the Flip Airs come in both black and white, with each having a slightly different sleeve.  The black Flip Air has a tighter and intense grip than the white edition.  The Flips are one of the easiest of male masturbators to clean, flipping open as they do and coming with their own stands enabling them to be mounted to dry.  This is one of the most desirable portable male masturbators you can buy at the moment.

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